"Verbal De-escalation for Persons in Positions of Authority"

This is a completely online course for anyone wanting to become an instructor in verbal de-escalation. 

Once you have paid for the course you will be mailed a:

1.) hard copy of the book. 

You will also be emailed the:

2.) PowerPoint presentation and

3.) Test

The test can be completed and scanned in pdf format.  The completed test will be emailed back to:


The instructor certificate will be mailed out when the test has been received.  The instructor certificate does not have an expiration date.  This is a one time instructor certification.  So, there is no need for re-certification.  However, if your organization and/or accrediting agency requires a recertification letter one will be provided to you at no additional charge.

The book has eight chapters and an Introduction Chapter

1. Verbal Flinching and Spoken Opposition

2. Ways to Verbally De-escalate

3. Improving Verbal De-escalation Skills

4. General Rules for Verbal De-escalation

5. Verbal De-escalation and training

6. Problem Solving for Verbal De-escalation

7. Controlling Emotions

8. Conclusion

The PowerPoint presentation has over 70 slides to help teach your first class.  You are welcome to add or delete slides as needed to make the presentation fit your organizations needs. 

Payment can be made below and/or an invoice can be emailed to your organization.  Payment must be received before the book and test materials are sent to you.  The cost to become an instructor is $1,295.  Again, this is a one time fee.

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